Spain Will Have A Covid Certificate For Travel For The Summer

Spain will implement the green and digital certificate at the end of June , a QR code where it will be possible to check if a person has been vaccinated, has passed the covid-19 or has a negative diagnostic test ; It will serve to facilitate mobility, but it will not be a requirement for travel.

The secretary general of Digital Health, Alfredo González, has detailed this Thursday in a press conference together with Silvia Calzón, Secretary of State for Health, the certificate, whose regulation is negotiated in the EU, after yesterday a common position was set for prevent it from operating like a passport.

“It is not a passport, it is not a travel document, it is not a requirement to travel, it is a mechanism that facilitates mobility within the EU,” said the Secretary General for Public Health.

The certificate is a “facilitator”, but it does not replace the competence of states in public health. The traveler who arrives in Spain, for example, must submit to the restrictions established as the country of destination.

The covid passport will allow the unvaccinated to travel
The advantage of this QR code, which is free and non-discriminatory, as González stressed, is that it will facilitate border verification. Thus, “the transit will be much safer, and more agile for the traveler” and “Spain will be able to receive more people with more security”. In addition, it eliminates “any risk of falsification”, since each state will be able to verify by consulting the code that the certificate has been issued by a health authority.

Ready for summer
The Government’s goal is for it to be operational by the end of June and fully operational for the summer campaign. To do this, they must have the capacity to issue “millions of certificates in a very short time.” The autonomous communities will be in charge of issuing the certificates, with technical assistance from Health, which will also be coordinated with the European Union, which has yet to approve the regulation.

Those who have received the vaccine or have overcome the disease will receive it, which is proven by a positive diagnostic test in the past, and those who want to prove a negative test will have to request it. In addition, it will continue to live with printed certificates and with the Spain Travel Safe application. You will respect data protection and privacy.

It is also contemplated the possibility that the certificate of having received a first dose in one state serves for the administration of the second in a country other than the EU. The plan is to extend it to third countries outside the European Union. It will also be possible to include vaccines that are not authorized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), although countries will voluntarily decide whether or not to accept said certificate.

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