After John McAfee’s passing, Edward Snowden has an admonition for Julian Assange.

US informant Edward Snowden has cautioned Wikileaks organizer Julian Assange after antivirus head honcho John McAfee kicked the bucket by obvious self destruction in a Barcelona jail following news that he was being removed to the United States on tax avoidance charges. Edward Snowden, the previous NSA advisor and information security advocate, has tweeted that Julian Assange “could be straightaway”.

“Europe ought not remove those blamed for peaceful wrongdoings to a court framework so out of line – and jail framework so barbarous – that local conceived respondents would prefer to bite the dust than become subject to it. Julian Assange could be straightaway,” Edward Snowden tweeted on Wednesday. “Until the framework is transformed, a ban ought to remain,” he added.

In his keep going public tweet on June 18, John McAfee stated: “All force debases. Take care which powers you permit a popular government to use. Javier Villalba, the 75-year-old McAfee’s legal counselor, said the counter infection programming pioneer kicked the bucket by hanging as his nine months in jail carried him to surrender.

McAfee said during a court hearing last month that given his age, he would spend the remainder of his life in prison whenever sentenced in the United States. “I’m trusting that the Spanish court will see the bad form of this… The United States needs to utilize me for instance,” he said.

Julian Assange was captured in April 2019 in the United Kingdom and in January this year a UK court briefly obstructed his removal to the US on criminal allegations including violating a spying law, saying his emotional wellness issues implied he would be in danger of self destruction.

Julian Assange stays in Britain’s hardest prison, HMP Belmarsh, notwithstanding the January administering. The 49-year-old has not been bailed in front of an allure hearing since he is viewed as a flight hazard. Assange is as yet needed in the US on a 18-check arraignment, confronting claims of plotting to hack PCs and connivance to get and uncover public safeguard data.