The Boys Season 3, everything one should know from characters to plot.

Another The Boys season 3 mystery from Vought’s news network incorporates major uncovers about the thing is coming close to Amazon Prime Video’s superhuman show. The hit series was gotten for a third season before season two even appeared, with The Boys season 2 finale prodding where the story will go straightaway.

Crowds last saw Stormfront pass on at Homelander’s child’s hands, The Seven’s list drained, and Hughie Campbell passing on The Boys to work for Victoria Neuman. Subtleties on where The Boys season 3 will go from that point have been successive as fans hang tight for new scenes. This incorporates the presentation of a few new Supes, some of whom were recently prodded on the series. The most high-profile expansion to The Boys season 3 is Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy, who will apparently take one of The Seven’s open list spots.

His appearance will permit the series to investigate his time driving Payback, a group that was for all intents and purposes The Seven preceding The Seven existed. Fans will likewise be acquainted with Crimson Countess (Laurie Holden), just as Gunpowder (Sean Patrick Flannery), Blue Hawk (Nick Wechsler), and Supersonic (Miles Gaston Villanueva).

Despite the fact that Amazon still can’t seem to share a delivery date for The Boys season 3 or offer real film from the new season, a progression of online special recordings are making up for that shortfall until further notice.

The “Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman” recordings delivered by Vought International and Vought News Network are in-universe news cuts that feature late turns of events. New recordings will show up on the seventh of consistently, and the August version incorporates a few significant uncovers for The Boys season 3. The greatest uncover to come from August’s “Seven on 7” video is the affirmation of Supersonic’s previous personality.

It is currently affirmed that Supersonic is the new superhuman name and picture for Drummer Boy. At the point when Miles Gaston Villanueva was given a role as Supersonic, it was accounted for that he was another saint made for the show, despite the fact that bits of hearsay highlighted him being Drummer Boy. His rebranding as Supersonic comes after he exits recovery with Vought’s Global Wellness Center.

Vought is utilizing the news organization to sell him as a totally perfect legend in the shape of Superman, in spite of the fact that it stays not yet clear what his forces are. Drummer Boy doesn’t have any capacities in the funnies, however the Supersonic name could prod that he has flight or superspeed controls now – likely from some Compound V infusions.

With Supersonic’s past as Drummer Boy affirmed, Cameron Coleman additionally invests some energy theorizing about Supersonic and Starlight having a close connection.

He makes reference to that bits of hearsay are proceeding to whirl about their past relationship. This has prompted him and others hypothesizing that the rebranded Drummer Boy could strike up another relationship with Starlight in The Boys season 3. Starlight and Drummer Boy had a relationship in the funnies when they were co-heads of the Young Americans. Since the gathering was Christian-based, it was concurred that their relationship would be non-sexual.