Russian Parliament Debates Vetoing Navalni’s Candidates By Law In Elections

The Russian Parliament debates vetoing Navalni’s candidates by law in the elections. Several deputies present a bill that will veto members and donors of organizations classified as “extremists” in legislative elections.

A Moscow court must decide in the coming days whether to include the blogger’s NGO in the list of extremist movements.

A law designed exclusively to avoid unpleasant surprises for the Kremlin in the next election calls , particularly in the momentous legislative elections to be held throughout the country next September .

Several deputies of the government party United Russia and of the formations of the so-called systemic opposition have presented this Tuesday in Parliament a legislative project that, if approved, will prevent members and donors of organizations classified as ” extremists” from presenting their candidacies to any election. by Russian justice.

Precisely, a local court must rule in the coming days whether to include the Fund Against Corruption (FBK for its acronym in Russian) the NGO founded by the imprisoned opponent Alekséi Navalni in the list of “extremist” groups, at the same level as the Islamic State or Al Qaeda .

Although the firm decision has not yet been adopted, as a precautionary measure, Russian prosecutors have interrupted the activities of the NGO, while their bank accounts have been frozen by the regulator. To protect his employees, Leonid Volkov, leader of the movement abroad, has decreed the closure of the representative offices of the Navalni movement.

Five penalty
According to the draft of the legislative project, the leaders of these organizations will remain banned from any elected office for five years ; for employees, the penalty is reduced to three years . The vetoes also include those who have financed or donated money.

The law must be debated and voted on three times by the Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament, and once by the Federation Council , the upper house, before being promulgated by President Vladimir Putin . If it goes ahead, it will prevent characters of the relevance of Liubov Sóbol or Kira Yarmish, faces well known to Navalni’s followers, from attending the parliamentary elections.

“We have seen many laws against Navalni, but this is something new”, has denounced Volkov through twitter. “If you have donated to FBK during the last year you cannot present yourself; if you have been a coordinator in the last three years, neither,” he continued.

The leader has pointed out, however, that in the face of the autumn elections , the so-called ‘smart vote’ campaign – a recommendation to vote for the candidate best positioned to defeat the candidate of the ruling United Russia (UK) party, even if he is part of the systemic opposition – it still stands, despite the fact that the legislative initiative has also come from these satellite formations.

In addition to the UK, the Duma is represented by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation , the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia , the ultra-nationalist formation led by Vladimir Zirinovski , and Fair Russia , which proclaims itself as a Social Democrat .

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