French Journalist Kidnapped In Mali

Olivier Dubois was captured on April 8 by the Support Group for Islam and Muslims, as he himself explained in a video broadcast on the networks.

Reporters Without Borders learned of his disappearance shortly after it occurred, but did not announce it.

The French journalist Olivier Dubois has said on a video broadcast on networks was kidnapped on April 8 by the Support Group for Islam and Muslims , known as JNIM, a jihadist group loyal to the Qaeda in Gao , Mali .

In the video that has circulated this Wednesday on social networks, whose origin is still unknown, the journalist appears dressed in a traditional light pink suit and asking for help from his family, friends and the French authorities to “do everything in their power. power ” to set you free.

The journalist collaborates with various media such as the France24 chain or the Libération newspaper, and the French Foreign Ministry has already confirmed his “disappearance”. “We confirmed the disappearance in Mali of Mr. Olivier Dubois. We are in contact with his family and with the Malian authorities . We proceeded to carry out the usual technical verifications ,” a ministry official told AFP.

The Secretary General of Reporters Without Borders (RSF), Christophe Deloire, has assured that Dubois is “an experienced journalist ” and that “he knew well this very dangerous region in the east of the country.” In addition, he added that they learned of his disappearance shortly after it occurred, but that they did not announce it to favor a ” positive and rapid outcome .”

Insecurity crisis
In recent months Mali has seen how Islamic terrorism has increased its attacks in the country. The arrival of these jihadist groups to their territory in 2012, added to the intercommunity violence, has caused an insecurity crisis to occur , as has also occurred in Niger or Burkina Faso , where a week ago the Spanish journalists David Beriain and Roberto Fraile were murdered .

The intervention of the UN, French and African forces has not prevented thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of displaced as a result of the attacks.

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