Pfizer To Accelerate Delivery Of 50 Million Doses Of Vaccines To EU

The messenger RNA vaccine developed and manufactured by BioNTech / Pfizer has become the great hope of the European Union. The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen , stressed this Wednesday that the serum has proven its worth and the company its reliability and has announced the opening of negotiations to sign a new contract, the third, for the acquisition of 1.8 billion dose for 2022-2023.

Meanwhile, the company will advance to the second quarter the shipment of a new shipment of 50 million doses , which will allow the EU to make up for the stoppage in the supply of Janssen’s vaccine – it had to deliver 55 million doses between April and June – for the cases of thrombi detected in the United States.

There is a greater risk of suffering thrombi caused by covid than by vaccination
This new consignment, whose shipment was initially planned for the last quarter of 2021, will be distributed pro rata by population among all Member States, which means that Spain will receive an additional 5 million injections . In total, BioNTech Pfizer will ship a total of 250 million doses between April and June.

“This will help substantially to consolidate the deployment of our vaccination campaigns,” explained Von der Leyen during a short statement without questions to the press. With this new advance, the Commission is confident that it will meet the goal of vaccinating 70% of the adult population for the summer and improving the chances of containing the covid19 virus.

As he underlined, the company “has proven to be a trusted partner that has fulfilled its commitments and responds to our needs. This is of immediate benefit to the citizens of the EU ”. In this sense, Von der Leyen has announced the opening of negotiations with the laboratory to acquire an additional 1.8 billion through the joint purchasing system to guarantee EU citizens sufficient doses in 2022 and 2023.

UE will not renew contracts with Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson, according to La Stampa. In the photo, a box with Jansen’s vaccines.

Bet on messenger RNA vaccines
“It is clear that to defeat the virus decisively we will have to be prepared for the following. At some point we may need booster shots to strengthen and prolong immunity. If there are new variants, we will need to develop vaccines that adapt to new variants and we will need them soon and in sufficient quantities, “argued Von der Leyen, who has advanced that from now on the EU will focus on technologies that have proven their effectiveness and” messenger RNA vaccines are a clear example ”.

Words that suggest to some extent the information published this Wednesday by the Italian newspaper La Stampa, which points out that Brussels will not renew contracts with Janssen and AstraZeneca , and is committed to messenger RNA, the technology on which BioNTech / Pfizer are based , Modern and Curevac . Still, the European Commission has not closed the door to any vaccines or new contracts with other companies.

The end of the alarm widens the gap between Sánchez and his partners
Von der Leyen has used his appearance to update vaccination data in the EU. So far, the Twenty-seven have received 126 million doses and there are 100 million people who have already received a puncture . “It is a milestone of which we can be proud,” said the President of the Executive.

Of the 100 million doses put in the Twenty-seven, 25% are second doses which means that there are more than 27 million fully immunized people. “This is good news, but as we can see from the Johnson & Johnson announcement yesterday, there are still many factors that can disrupt the planned vaccine delivery schedule. It is important to act quickly, anticipate and adapt whenever possible,” he claimed.

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