Nigel Farage Architect Of Brexit Retires From Politics

The British politician assures that his role has ended with the country outside the European family.

The British politician Nigel Farage , one of the leaders of the campaign for output UK of the European Union , announced its withdrawal from the leadership of the Party Reform UK and politics in general, after considering that his function has ended.

“There is no going back. Brexit is over,” Farage said in a podcast in The Telegraph newspaper . “I am not going to back down. I know I have returned once or twice when people thought I was gone, but this is where we have come. It’s over,” he added.

Now, Farage intends to continue “influencing the political debate.” “I do not want to play golf four times a week,” explained the British populist, who assures that his mission will now be to campaign “against the influence of China in the United Kingdom” and the agenda of “political correctness”.

“I have built over the years a fairly considerable social media platform. I have reach. That is why I want to continue influencing the debate. I want to keep changing the debate. But I can do it without fighting an election,” he said.

His previous party, the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) , was seen as a driving force behind the country’s exit from the EU after the 2016 referendum. The UK finally left the bloc last year and the transition period that followed. Brexit ended in December. The country reached a last-minute post-Brexit trade deal in late 2020, but continues to grapple with the legislative effects of its departure from the bloc.

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