International Community Pledges € 5.3 Billion In Humanitarian Aid To Syria

The European Union and the Twenty-seven promise during the 5th International Conference the disbursement of 3,700 million euros. The Member States will contribute a total of 2,600 million, more than half Germany, which will contribute 1,700 million, and another 560 million France.

The ten years of war in Syria have left a dramatic toll : almost 500,000 dead , 100,000 missing, 12 million refugees and internally displaced and more than 13 million people in need of humanitarian aid .

“There is less violence but more suffering” and “an increase in the number of people who need help”, explained this Tuesday the United Nations Deputy Secretary General for Humanitarian Aid, Mark Lowcock , on the occasion of the 5th international conference organized by the UN and the european union (EU) to raise funds to help the Syrian population and in which more than 80 countries and international organizations have participated.

The United Nations goal was to reach 10 billion dollars to nurture the humanitarian assistance program for refugees and displaced persons. Finally, as announced by the humanitarian aid commissioner, Janez Lenarcic , the commitments reach 6,400 million dollars in aid (5,300 million euros), to which will be added 5,900 million in loans under favorable conditions.

The European Commission will contribute 1,120 million euros to which will be added another 2,600 million from the Member States, making the EU the main donor of humanitarian aid with a commitment of 3,700 million. Germany tops the list of the most generous Member States with a contribution of 1.7 billion euros, ahead of France (560 million), Sweden (82 million), Italy (45 million), Ireland (23 million), Spain ( 20 million ) , Finland (8 million) or Luxembourg (13 million) among others.

These amounts will be completed with the 205 million pounds promised by the British Government of Boris Johnson , the 596 million dollars of the United States or the 100 million dollars of Qatar . The final final amount will be known at the end of the meeting.

These figures show, at least in the European chaos, that the EU “has been on the side of the Syrians”, and the neighboring countries that have welcomed them, and that “we will continue to be”, said the high representative for the EU common foreign and security policy, Josep Borrell , who has emphasized the devastation and destruction that these ten years of war have left behind and on the importance of financial and political support from the international community.

“The Syrian tragedy should not last another ten years and put an end to it, start by giving hope and that goes through our commitment,” recalled German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas .

The EU and Member States have contributed more than € 25 billion in humanitarian aid since the war broke out in 2011 to help the 5.2 million refugees who fled and live in neighboring countries (Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt and Iraq) as well as Syrians in need within the country, making it the main international donor.

Half a million dead
“It is necessary to end this conflict,” said the former Spanish minister, who has reiterated the request that resolution 2254 of the United Nations Security Council be respected, in order to find a political solution to the war. After Borrell, the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres , intervened to recall that more than 13 million people in Syria need humanitarian aid this year, which represents an increase of 2% compared to 2020.

He also recalled that nine out of ten Syrians live in poverty and assured that “Syria’s economy has been devastated and now the impacts of Covid-19 have made things worse. Almost half of all families have lost their source of income . income”.

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