The Madrid Court Files The Delcygate Case

The Madrid Court files the ‘Delcygate case’. The order rejects Vox’s request for Ábalos to be investigated for the scale in Barajas of the vice president of Venezuela. The court indicates that the Barajas Airport transit area is not Spanish territory.

The Provincial Court of Madrid has confirmed the decision of a Court of the capital to archive the case known as Delcygate . It investigated the possible crime of prevarication of high government officials due to the scale that Delcy Rodríguez, vice president of Venezuela, carried out at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport on January 20, 2020 .

This is agreed by the Hearing in a car in which it dismisses Vox’s request to continue investigating the case after the provisional dismissal of the proceedings ordered by the Investigating Court number 31 of Madrid on November 9, on the understanding that “it is not It gives the prevaricating conduct or of another criminal character “in the facts ascertained, indicates Efe.

In addition, the Hearing includes the arguments presented last February by the Supreme Court (TS) regarding the complaint that Vox presented against José Luis Ábalos , the Minister of Transport , and insists that the facts that have been denounced lack “criminal significance “, reports Europa Press.

The court has finally archived the case considering that although the Venezuelan vice president was prohibited from entering the Schengen area by a decision of the European Union , the international transit zone of a Spanish airport is not national territory , so it was not breached the rule.

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