As per NASA, “this is the longest fractional lunar overshadowing in a thousand years, about 19th November’21.

An ‘practically complete’ lunar overshadowing will happen today on November 19, when the Moon will slip into Earth’s shadow. It will take on a ruddy shade. This is additionally the last lunar overshadowing of the year and the longest in almost 600 years. The lunar shroud starts at 1.02 am EST on November 19 or around 11.32 am Indian standard time and happens till 7.04 am or around 5:34 pm IST.

As per NASA, “this is the longest fractional lunar overshadowing in a thousand years, getting started at 3 hours, 28 minutes and 23 seconds.” The last lunar shroud which was longer happened on February 18, 1440 at almost 3 hours, 28 minutes, 46 seconds. Here’s beginning and end to have some familiarity with about the fractional lunar obscuration that is occurring today.

Tragically, the greater part of India won’t get to see the lunar overshadowing. Be that as it may, those living in the upper east piece of India will get to watch it. One can, be that as it may, watch the live stream of the overshadowing on the YouTube channel of Lowell Observatory and India will just experience a complete lunar overshadowing on November 8, 2022, which is some time away.

A little piece of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam will get to see the overshadowing, and those from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand may see the end some portion of the obscuration also.

As indicated by NASA, the best review will be close to the pinnacle of the overshadowing at 4:03 AM EST or 2.30 pm India standard time. Given this is during the pinnacle of the day in India, a large portion of us should pass up the shroud.

NASA is considering this one an ‘practically complete lunar shroud’ on the grounds that almost 99.1 percent of the Moon’s circle will be inside the Earth’s umbra or the most obscure piece of the Earth’s shadow. The lunar obscuration happens when Sun, Earth, and Moon adjust into one line, yet this time it’s anything but an ideal arrangement.


Oppo is also making chips same as Google.

Following quite a while of holes and reports, Google at long last uncovered its profoundly expected Pixel 6 series yesterday. The most recent Pixel telephones are the first from the organization to highlight a custom chip, called Google Tensor. Google guarantees that the chip offers critical execution enhancements over the one on the Pixel 5, and it additionally empowers a wide cluster of AI and ML highlights on its most recent leaders. Enlivened by Google’s choice to offer custom silicon on the Pixel 6 series, OPPO is presently apparently fostering its own chips.

As per Nikkei Asia, OPPO has begun dealing with very good quality portable chips for its premium cell phones. The organization means to oversee center parts with its custom chipset and decrease dependence on other semiconductor makers like Qualcomm and MediaTek.

While OPPO hasn’t uncovered any insights concerning its being developed chips up until now, two individuals acquainted with the matter told Nikkie Asia that OPPO plans to bring its custom SoC to the market by 2023 or 2024. The report further uncovers that OPPO is hoping to utilize TSMC’s 3nm assembling measure for its custom chips. Alongside the SoC, OPPO is likewise dealing with custom AI calculations and ISPs for its cell phone cameras

It’s still all in all too right on time to say whether OPPO will figure out how to bring its custom SoCs to the market or not. Creating custom chipsets is a laborious undertaking, so it very well may be some time before we hear anything official from the organization. At this point, it hasn’t affirmed this disclosure. In a remark on the matter, OPPO just told Nikkie Asia that “Any R&D speculation is to upgrade item intensity and client experience.”

It’s significant that OPPO isn’t the main Chinese OEM to foster custom SoCs. Huawei has offered custom HiSilicon Kirin chipsets on its gadgets for a surprisingly long time now. Xiaomi additionally joined the quarrel back in 2017, yet it has changed concentration to ISPs from that point forward.

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Lexus and Marvel Studios will be making cars for Superheroes.

Lexus and Marvel Studios have worked together to plan 10 person put together idea vehicles based with respect to the last’s impending film, Eternals. The plan of these vehicles has been enlivened by the 10 superheroes remembering the singular shield plan, iconography and superpower of each Eternal.

Lexus VP of showcasing Vinay Shahani said that these exceptionally wrapped Lexus vehicles have a particular style and set of abilities very much like the superheroes in the film.

The automaker shared the subtleties of the setup. The Lexus GX roused by Ajak played by Salma Hayek is incredible, ordering as the person. The superhuman is matched with one of the most fit SUVs in the land, expressed the organization. Hero Druig, played by Barry Keoghan, additionally gets a GX which mirrors the renegade in his person. Gilgamesh, the most grounded Eternal hero character played by Don Lee, gets the greatest, most impressive Lexus SUV, the LX, shared the automaker.

Superhuman Ikaris who is known as the strategic head of the gathering, played by Richard Madden has turned into the wellspring of motivation for Lexus LS, the brand’s lead extravagance car. Lexus IS has been combined with the superhuman Kingo character played by Kumail Nanjiani. The quickest vehicle in the Lexus setup that is the RC F Track Edition discovers its accomplice in the superhuman Makkari, the quickest Eternal. The person has been played by Lauren Ridloff.

Hero Phastos who is the tech master of the group has motivated Lexus LX which also is in a state of harmony with character because of its trend setting innovations. Lexus RC F has been matched with the hero character Sersi that has been depicted by Gemma Chan. Hero Sprite who has the capacity of deception projecting has been matched with Lexus NX and superhuman Thena, played by Angelina Jolie, will go with the smooth Lexus LC 500.

One may be frustrated as these vehicles will just element in the occasions identified with the film and not in it.


Peng Shuai: WTA says concerns stay for Chinese tennis star after IOC contacted.

Peng Shuai: WTA says concerns stay for Chinese tennis star after IOC call

The Women’s Tennis Association has said that a call between Peng Shuai and the leader of the International Olympic Committee doesn’t address its interests over the Chinese player’s prosperity.

An IOC articulation after the call said Peng seemed, by all accounts, to be protected and well.

Peng, 35, vanished from the public eye for just about three weeks after she made rape charges against a senior Chinese minister.

Her nonappearance set off boundless global concern.

Sports stars and legislatures approached China to give verification that she was protected.

The objection over the tennis star’s clear vanishing from the public eye incited Chinese state media to deliver a progression of photos and recordings that seemed to show everything was well.

On Sunday, the IOC delivered an assertion after IOC President Thomas Bach held a video call with three-time Olympian.

The IOC account said Peng had “expressed gratitude toward the IOC for its anxiety about her prosperity”.

“She clarified that she is protected and all things considered, residing at her home in Beijing, however might want to have her security regarded as of now,” it added.

“She likes to invest her energy with loved ones at this moment,” it said. “In any case, she will keep on being engaged with tennis.”

The IOC articulation additionally incorporated a picture of the video call occurring, with Ms Peng seen grinning to the camera.

Be that as it may, the WTA said the new recordings “don’t ease or address the WTA’s anxiety about her prosperity and capacity to impart without oversight or intimidation”.


Know here Why schools are failing youngsters on environmental change.

Why schools are failing youngsters on environmental change.

Consistently, Shamayel Zaidi, a teacher in India, gives his new senior school understudies a similar task: a show on one of three subjects – customer mindfulness, social issues or ecological manageability.

Barely anybody picks climate, he said. Not even as of late since the dangers of environmental change have become more genuine all over – temperatures are higher than any other time in recent memory, glacial masses are dissolving quicker, fierce twisters and rapidly spreading fires have become normal, and kids are at higher hazard in view of all of this.

Yet, in this private school in the northern city of Varanasi, Mr Zaidi said, understudies are not intrigued on the grounds that there has been no “genuine exertion” to educate them regarding the seriousness of the environment emergency.

“Except if it’s your town that is being hit by a flood or another fiasco, individuals don’t know about how terrible things are,” he said.

Imbalance likewise assumes a part, he added. “A portion of my understudies need to discuss environmental change. However, a ton of them come from families where such subjects are never examined at home.”

At the point when 15-year-old Greta Thunberg began a school strike in Sweden in 2018 to cause to notice the environment emergency, she started off a young drove development that immediately assembled steam. For the initial time, youngsters and teenagers – spilling out on to the roads in each mainland – requested environment activity.

From that point onward, kids have been becoming the overwhelming focus in the battle against a quickly warming world. Also, as they do, many are pushing for schools to add environmental change to their educational program.

Understudies all throughout the planet have called for activity against environmental change

“Remembering environment subjects for school educational plan is basic for preparing the up and coming age of imaginative masterminds that can become bosses of environment activity at nearby and worldwide stages,” said Dr Ayoob Sharifi, an academic administrator at the Hiroshima University and one of the lead creators of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report.

New Zealand and Italy have as of now brought environmental change review into the auxiliary school educational plan and Britain said at November’s COP26 culmination that an environmental change showing technique was on the blacksmith’s iron. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently said there is a need to incorporate “environmental change variation strategies” in the school schedule.

India at present has no educational program on environmental change, however a few angles, for example, supportability are instructed under natural investigations, which is obligatory in schools and universities.

Dr Sharifi says educating regarding environmental change is of “most extreme significance” for India all things considered “expected to encounter fast populace development and urbanization in the coming many years”.

Assuming youngsters know about the outcomes of impractical development, they are probably going to embrace a more environment amicable way of life, he said.

A few schools in India have begun doing this casually. At Shri Ram school in Gurgaon city, kids figure out how to establish trees and make projects out of reused items as they examine changing climate patters and the social and financial parts of their relationship with the climate.

A few schools in India urge understudies to utilize reused items to show them supportability

“It may not be a different subject essentially, however there is an educational program set up to show kids environmental change and it’s reviewed,” said Sharda Sagar, who has shown ecological examinations and social investigations the school.

In any case, specialists say existing showing techniques don’t address the size of the issue.

“The ecological educational plan centers more around nature and open air instruction however doesn’t address how human activities add to environmental change or how kids can really battle it,” Keya Lamba said.

Ms Lamba helped to establish Earth Warriors – an environmental change program for youngsters – with Shweta Bahri, schooling strategy master.


Ford Motor put halt production of its F-150 pickup truck and other highly profitable vehicles

The layoffs were announced to staff on Wednesday, and they will affect manufacturing of the company’s larger Super Duty pickup trucks and Expedition SUV.

In an internal document acquired by CNBC, Ford vice president of production and labour affairs John Savona said, “Our teams are making the most of our available semiconductor allotment, finding unique ways to offer as many high-quality vehicles to our dealers and customers as possible.”

The proposed production cuts include extending downtime for the F-150 at Ford’s Kansas City Assembly facility through the week of September 6. Due to a parts shortfall, pickup vehicle production has been halted since last week.

Next week, Ford’s second U.S. facility that makes the F-150 will only run one of three shifts, the same as this week at the Michigan plant.

Ford’s Kentucky Truck plant, which produces Super Duty pickups as well as Expedition and Navigator SUVs, will also slash a shift between September 6 and 13.

The changes described in the memo were verified by a Ford official on Wednesday.


Elizabeth Holmes is blamed for making bogus cases about her firm Theranos.

Theranos preliminary: Elizabeth Holmes makes shock declaration

A business visionary blamed for defrauding financial backers for a large number of dollars with a counterfeit blood test has amazed a US court by affirming with all due respect.

Elizabeth Holmes is blamed for making bogus cases about her firm Theranos, including that its innovation could distinguish sicknesses with a drop of blood.

Ms Holmes, 37, deals with numerous indictments of extortion and could go through years in prison whenever viewed very muchliable. She denies bad behavior.

At its pinnacle her firm was esteemed at $9bn (£6.5bn).

Standing up Ms Holmes said her work at Theranos had caused her to have confidence in the organization’s innovation.

She clarified regarding how she established the firm in the wake of exiting Stanford University, and how her group made an evident innovative forward leap.

“We worked for a really long time with groups of researchers and architects to scale down each of the advances in the lab,” she told attendants.

Who is Elizabeth Holmes and for what reason would she say she is being investigated?

All through the two-month preliminary, attendants in California have heard declaration from multiple dozen arraignment witnesses. They incorporate patients and financial backers who investigators say Ms Holmes misled.

Ms Holmes rose to distinction in 2013 because of innovation she guaranteed could test for a considerable length of time utilizing only a couple of drops of blood from a finger prick.

She pulled in high-profile financial backers incorporating Rupert Murdoch however in 2015 an informant uncovered the tests didn’t work, and the extremely rich person went wrong.

By 2018 Theranos had imploded in the midst of one of the greatest corporate outrages in late US history.

Ms Holmes has argued not liable to nine counts of wire misrepresentation and two counts of intrigue.

Her legal advisors say she didn’t plan to swindle, however all things being equal “gullibly thought little of” the difficulties her business confronted.

The preliminary, which started in September, is relied upon to run until the following month.

It’s been portrayed as Silicon Valley’s preliminary of the decade.

Books, digital recordings, even a Hollywood film has been appointed with regards to what occurred at the organization.

However as of not long ago it wasn’t certain if Ms Holmes would give proof – respondents are not obliged to affirm in US criminal cases.

Eliminating her cover the jury had the option to see the respondent interestingly.

She grinned and talked with certainty about the organization’s starting points and why she needed to help individuals.

It’s a genuinely hazardous move for the protection, as it currently frees Ms Holmes up to interrogation.

The move could be seen as an indication of shortcoming, permitting the indictment at the subject in an extortion case could misfire.

Yet, Holmes plainly accepts that she can persuade legal hearers that her expectations were noteworthy, and that she was uninformed of Theranos’ serious issues.

She has a terrible part on the line. Assuming viewed to be entirelyliable she could look up 20 years in jail.

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Facial acknowledgment firm faces conceivable £17m protection fine in Australia.

Facial acknowledgment firm faces conceivable £17m protection fine

An Australian firm which professes to have an information base of in excess of 10 billion facial pictures is confronting a potential £17m fine over its treatment of individual information in the UK.

The Information Commissioner’s Office said it had huge worries about Clearview AI, whose facial acknowledgment programming is utilized by police powers.

It has advised the firm to quit handling UK individual information and erase any it has.

Clearview said the controller’s cases were “authentically and lawfully mistaken”.

The organization – which has been welcome to make portrayals – said it was thinking about an allure and “further activity”.

It has as of now been found to have overstepped Australian protection law yet is looking for a survey of that decision.

‘Google look for countenances’

Clearview AI’s framework permits a client – for instance, a cop trying to recognize a suspect – to transfer a photograph of a face and find matches in a data set of billions of pictures it has gathered from the web and online media.

The framework then, at that point, gives connects to where coordinating with pictures seemed on the web.

Data set firm should eliminate snaps taken in Australia

Lawfulness of gathering faces online tested

The firm has elevated its administration to police as taking after a “Google look for faces”.

However, in an assertion, the UK’s Information Commissioner said that Clearview’s data set was probably going to incorporate “a considerable number of individuals from the UK” whose information might have been assembled without individuals’ information.

The company’s administrations are perceived to have been tested by various UK law requirement organizations, yet that was suspended and Clearview AI doesn’t have any UK clients.

The ICO said its “starter view” was that the firm seemed to have neglected to agree with UK information security laws by:

Neglecting to handle the data of UK residents reasonably

Neglecting to have a cycle set up to stop the information being held endlessly

Neglecting to have a legal justification behind gathering the data

Also, neglecting to illuminate individuals in the UK concerning what is befalling their information.

The UK Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, said: “I have huge worries that individual information was handled such that no one in the UK will have anticipated.

“UK information assurance enactment doesn’t stop the powerful utilization of innovation to battle wrongdoing. Yet, to appreciate public trust and trust in their items, innovation suppliers should guarantee individuals’ legitimate securities are regarded and followed.”

The choice is temporary and the ICO said any portrayals by Clearview AI will be painstakingly considered before a last decision is made in the following year.